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We all want to capture the times when those we love are in special events. Have it done professionally and you will be amazed at the difference it can make!

When creating a portrait of your young loved ones, We strives to show the timeless essence of childhood through their personalities. While this may include smiles, it also often includes those innocent looks that steal your heart! So the next time you ask your child to "smile" during their portrait session, remember you may not end up getting the real thing. Please allow us to show you their true personality through all the innocence of childhood.

At Reflection by Fischer Photography, we understand how important your children are. We also know that there is nothing like portraits to remind you of their different personalities as they grow. From the moment they are born until they marry and have children of their own, let Lori help you remember each step of the way.

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Reflections By Fischer did the most fantastic work with our Wedding Day pictures. Thanks Lori!
--Connie W.

Lori has such a superb artistic flair in her portraits
-Rob D.