Corporate Photos

Top Ten Signs That You’re Business Portrait Is Outdated

10        The negatives from your last session are filed with the Watergate tapes.
9          Horn-rimmed glasses went out of style with Revenge of the Nerds.
8          The last time anyone wore elbow patches was when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
7          Let's face it, the "I Like Ike" lapel pin is a dead giveaway.
6          Hairline, Hairline, Hairline!
5          That shirt just screams TOM JONES!
4          The term "CD" represented a good investment, not a music format.
3          Didn't Ingrid Bergman wear a blouse like that in Casablanca?
2.         When your last portrait was taken, O.J. was just another famous football player.

And the number one sign that your business portrait is outdated

1          Color photography is an option now!

Don't let your business image become a topic for the Letterman Show.

Get with the program!

Film, processing, scanning and separation expenses are eliminated. Today, your images can be digitally manipulated, color separated for print, prepared for Web applications or archived on CD-ROM for future retrieval. You can also have prompt delivery via e-mail.

 Your public relations portrait portrays an image to your prospective clients. Secure a winning first impression with portraits that convey your success and confidence. Whether in the studio, your office or on location, we'll create a professional business image for you that will reflect your professional needs.