Senior Details:

 · Guys- a fresh shave is a must! Schedule any haircuts at least one full week prior to your portrait session to avoid that "skinned look". Don't forget to bring a Dress Shirt !!

Guys, be sure to bring one pair of dark socks or colors that match you slacks. .  REST: Relax… be yourself.

Today's fashions with bright and pastel colors look great for our contemporary posing… but don't forget the colors that Mom and Dad would like for you to be photographed in.

Long sleeves photograph best for traditional poses, but remember your everyday "fun" clothes for a truly unique contemporary Senior Portrait session. Formal gowns are super!!!

 Don't bring anything that is too busy with patterns if you are doing a headshot session. We want all the attention on you and not your clothing.

 Bring your clothes freshly ironed and on hangers. Wrinkles really show up in shots.

NAILS: If they have all of the paint chipped off, it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so do not forget those toes. Avoid bright neon color polish. Natural or basic colors work best.

Arrive rested and feeling your best. Also wake up well before your appointment, so you won’t look like you just got up.

CLOTHING: Wearing clothing that you feel is flattering in both fit and color. Wear clothes that you normally wear. Solids photograph much nicer. Bring a variety of colors. Even if blue is your favorite color, don’t bring 5 blue outfits. Feel free to bring extras and we’ll help you pick what will photograph best.
REMEMBER… Variety is the key to your session.

Vary the dress level; bring some dressy, medium, and casual outfits. Remember, it is OK to do one or two outfits mom will like, then we can do the stuff YOU like!

HELPFUL HINT: Group your outfits together ON HANGERS. Make sure your clothes are ironed. Retouching will not remove wrinkles. Coordinate your shoes and jewelry that are to be worn with each outfit, then put them in a plastic bag and hang them from the hanger corresponding to the outfit.

T-SHIRTS: Bring a dark t-shirt to wear under dark shirts and a light t-shirt for under light shirts

GLASSES: If you always wear glasses, be photographed in them, but arrange with your eye-doctor or optometrist to borrow lensless frames like yours, or have him remove your lenses temporarily. This will avoid getting glare on your glasses, which is very hard to avoid and expensive for you to have removed from your images.

MAKE-UP: Keep it natural and fresh. Come to your appointment with your make-up on, then you can touch up some when you come to your appointment. If you normally don’t wear make-up, wear it (if only a little). This is a once in a lifetime experience and a little make-up will definitely add to your picture.

PROPS: We want to make your portraits reflect the real you. You are welcome to bring along anything that will reflect your interests that can be used as props. If you are planning on an sports shot, be sure to include all your uniform tops, balls, and shoes for each sport. Extra things to hang up could include awards, baseball or softball glove, hats, sweatshirts or t-shirts, letter jackets, band instruments, and uniforms. Sunglasses are always a fun shot. Bring anything else you’ll want, the more the better. Cars, pick-ups and motorcycles are great. Sometimes a shot with your brother or sister is fun too!

p.s. I like chocolate and winning lottery tickets :-)